Daniel Johnston Pt 2

And so, not more than a few hours after my last post I decided I would buy a piece from the show (very glad I did) and I also made my way down to the gallery (also very glad I did). I guess you could call it a trendy crowd but a heap of them certainly seemed like DJ fans and for that I’m glad. Some wacko ex pat was doing a spoken word performance with a guitarist and saxophonist upstairs and for the most part, it stank. I think we missed some of the better stuff… It was a good atmosphere (I couldn’t find where the fucking beer was), and he was clearly a fan of Daniel’s. He finished up and the crowd spilled out onto Burton Street. 20 minutes later Daniel took to a make shift stage on some dirt and council plants and sung two songs open air with no amplification. It was pretty awesome. He had his guitarist with him who I think I recognise from the Black Cab Sessions. I was right at the front by chance so I heard it all pretty well and got the chance to thank him and shake his hand at the end. I know Daniel Johnston, he’s a very good friend of mine. I go out to see him almost every time, yeah he’s my friend! Good night.

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