Friday and Coffee

It’s Friday and it’s pretty warm here at the moment. There’s a breeze but it’s not a cool breeze. Because Tuesday was a public holiday no one really feels like it’s Friday but we’re glad all the same. Having the office downstairs is still pretty weird two years on and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the best idea in the world although… one day it’ll be a good story. So like I said it’s Friday and I didn’t have a coffee on Wednesday or Thursday and no matter how many ginger and lemon grass ice teas I have at Black Star Bakery, the dreaded third-day-brain-worm hit me hard today. So yeah, coffee is a bit of a cunt if you’re drinking it and a much bigger cunt if you’re not.

Logo Development by DPM Creative Group. (and if that doesn’t make any sense, nothing will today)…

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