Paranoid Vegetarian

Around 1990 our parents became infected with a paranoid and rather contagious disease called naturopathy. Like any religion or nationality it takes many forms and like the extremist followers of any dogmatic school of thought the one thing they are most interested in doing is imposing their beliefs on you. Children and easily imposed upon. Thankfully this faze only lasted four grueling years, in three of which I was a vegetarian. There came a day when the shackles of their religion was just too much and I decided to eat some chicken. The chicken didn’t mind because it had been happily turning on it bobbin for quite some time,  roasting away, just waiting to be carved off and spread out on some Lebanese bread. A fulfillment of its destiny no doubt. What happened next was a surge of emotional freedom and what can only be described as a surge of actual physical energy, as though I had been denying myself something that was rightfully mine. It’s an important memory but I don’t think I fully understand it yet. Fast forward to 2010 and a series of events (including a song about Astro Girl and a dream about a small blue fish that could fly), and I am now a vegetarian by choice. Both moral and spiritual beliefs led me to a clearer understanding and an obvious decision. Obviously one does miss the meat in a few different way. There is a certain texture that isn’t really found in anything else not to mention the flavor. What I didn’t expect was that there were so many little traditions based around the slaughtering of helpless animals: barbeques, yum cha and Thai on a Wednesday. But a year on and I’m becoming paranoid. Why? Well like my last blog so aptly put it, I’m not sick but I’m not well and I’m starting to blame the lack of meat in my diet. This doesn’t mean that I want to go back to eating it. It has however opened up a can of worms about diet, laziness and the human race’s attitude. Meat now seems like a bit of a quick fix at the price of a kill; a kill I’m not prepared to make. I haven’t perfected living perfectly as a vego, and sometimes it feels like it isn’t worth the trouble. I’m sure I’ll get there. Then I reminded myself that they used to sacrifice virgins so that it would rain and had no problems in sacrificing as many as it took until the rain came. Poor virgins!

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