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Chase Nook

It rhymes with Face Book but that’s just a coincidence. Nothing at all to do with it. I was on face book about 3 seconds ago for the second time in 2 years so maybe that did filter into the portion of my subconscious that’s in charge of blog subjects and their subsequent titles but I doubt that. For the record I’m not even sure there is a portion of the brain dedicated to that… Actually, I go back to this subject every few years (nooks). It’s all over my hand written diaries (a diarist is always clean, always neat, someone like me)*. I’m talking about a calm and peaceful place that you can ‘go’ whenever the hell you want to. I suspect religious people feel that way about their chosen deity be he Jesus or Buddha etc. Don’t want to get all self-help on you but I think most people are chasing that or at least they think they’re chasing it and it takes many forms and… okay sounds preachy. I’m go write a song instead.

* See Opanoni’s EP Stamps and Coins.

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