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My Throat Tastes like Burning

The Believer is a great read. It’s an almost-monthly magazine published by the wonderful folk at McSweeney’s in San Fran I think. It’s an art magazine with a focus on literature and my inaugural expose of the mag occurred on their annual music issue. There was a CD in it. The CD was put together by one of the contributors of the magazine who contacted folksy artists around the world and asked them to offer up a never before released piece for the exclusive CD. The CD didn’t have a case and so it slept in the glove box with my new Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix CD (my son’s middle name is Amadeus), both of which along with 5 copies of our Xmas Omas album were stolen from my glove box a few weeks ago. Anyway, back to The Believer which is great. I read an article about Vegas and about suicide in Vegas and it wasn’t short but it wasn’t long and I feel like an expert on the matter. I’ll read the rest of that issue very soon I think. What I’m obviously not so much an expert at is fresh vegetable juices. Although you would expect with my background that I would have some smattering of an inclination. In a bid to cleanse and nourish I juices two carrots and about 6 leaves of silver beat. That was at 11am. At 11:30 my throat started to burn and my liver started to say ‘no more it’s the law’! I broke out in a cold sweat and had to sleep until 1. I woke up at 1 and drove to my mum’s house with the fam and we had falafel. That settled me. Phew! Oh and my throat still tatses like burning.

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