Enmore, Home etc.

A friend from out of town recently asked me if residents of Enmore received a discount at the Enmore Theatre. He was joking of course but it raises an excellent point about local businesses supporting their local client base. The Duke, which is a pub near the Enmore Theatre bases it’s opening times around gigs at the venue. Parched punters pour into The Duke or The Ducky as we call it and guzzle down on Coopers fine ales and other such beverages. Fun for all. I’m a fan of the Enmore but only get there about once a year. Maybe if they offered me a discount plus drink vouchers for ye old Ducky I’d get there more often. And then I can just walk home. (Please note there was no point to this article whatsoever. But you should visit both the Enmore and the Duke in one night).

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