Meanderings, Music

Ouchy in my tum tum

Not me. Tam.  She woke up reeling with what was surely appendicitis but some googling soon put that theory to rest because her symptoms did not include a rash on her left heel and multiple new dark brown beauty spots on her right butt cheek. Still, she wasn’t very comfortable and what is usually a 10 minute walk took her 35 minutes. She spent the rest of the day sleeping. I made dinner and other non Radi related tasks which took me out of my comfort zone which then resulted in creativity of course. The new song is about Pluto and includes the lyrics “Mercury and Venus and bigger than my penis”. I’m sick of Uranus jokes so I’m not even going to mention it. Two posts in a row with genitalia. My apologies to the conservatives among us!*

*We really do need you to keep the balance.

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