Juices (Creative Ones)

I’ve never really had a problem getting the creative juices flowing. I’d go so far as to so I have an almost insatiable appetite for spewing forth newness. There does come a time and a headspace when focus is required. Less spewing and more… [insert-secret-word-here]. Music is my thing and it has been for ages so when I started DPM Creative Group and it’s secret mission statement* I had no idea how long it would take before I could realise that focus. Glad to say I’ve found it. Maybe even a year ago but didn’t realise it back then. Anyway the point is not much has changed except I have a bit more time on my hands. The focus is still a big part which is often missing. I still miss designing and working with the crew and there’s nothing quite like deadlines and a 9-5 structure to make sure things happen. Where am I going with this? Well creative juices are one thing and work is another. Both two sides of the same coin. Speaking of flowing juices, I decided a juice a day was the way for me. Carrot, celery and beets.** In winter I’m an orange juice man and am partial to a half lemon in my juice.

*I will take this to my grave yo!

**See my blog on my throat tastes like burning to find out what-not-to juice.

Worthy links and so forth include but are not limited to: logo development : logo design : graphic design sydney : logo and brand development : circle : circle band : sydney band : australian band : recording studio : sydney studio


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