Meanderings, Work


I guess I was a little offended the first time I was called a BILF. But that’s because I didn’t know what it meant and short hairy musician types are always quite easily offended. It makes for a good mood to write sad songs for starters and you’ve got no excuse for failing miserably when you’re already in a bad mood.* So anyway it works out that the ILF acronym can be added to any initial your heart desires. So really when I did find out that I was a BILF (well in someone’s eyes), and what it meant, I was even sadder because I’d much be a LILF or a MILF (not the original MILF the musician kind). And then of course I could be a RILF, DILF (maybe I already am and don’t know it) and let’s not forget GILF. Being a boss is hard but rewarding. Being a musician is harder and generally has less rewards.*** Being an (-)ILF is not such a bad thing. Please let’s not forget how competative graphic design in Sydney is!

*Please note I am an optimist as a rule.

**$$$$$$$$$$$$ moo hoo ha ha ha

***Except the billions of fans who we now can’t live without


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