Molasses Sandwiches Pt 2 or Album Number 5 or 4 or 3 or 2

Today Dan and I sat down and played our album Molasses Sandwiches from start to finish (almost) uninterrupted. It was mastered yesterday so it was a pretty big deal to sit down and have a proper listen. Unfortunately it was too early for beer but that’s okay. What’s really interesting about this record for us is that these songs are actually nearly two years old. I know it’s not uncommon for an album to sometimes hang around for a year and half before it’s released* but we actually released an EP** of even newer material in December which does make it a little weird. There’s a relatively new line up and a whole heap of other things going on which make this release*** the most bizarre to date. The good news is that the tracks still sound fucking awesome. And as Dan so eloquently put it, there are moments in nearly every song. I happen to agree with young Daniel on that one.

As we contemplate our futures as musicians and media moguls I can’t help but be struck by the simple recurring themes in our work, the soft undertones of sarcasm and humor (designed purely for our own amusement of course), but also how much actually went into this baby both emotionally and creatively despite the fact that each song was written and recorded in a day.****

Maybe an album is a bit like a good wine? Store it well, keep it on the down low… Maybe we should hang onto it for a few more years Dan?

* Don’t listen to me. I don’t actually think that happens all that often.

** Google Xmas Omas

*** I use the term release loosely folks. Despite the fact that these are awesome tunes with a great mix and now mastered, we don’t know how we’re releasing this baby yet.

****For those who don’t know, these tunes are from Circle’s 2008 Song a Week project. Yes, there are many B sides!


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