Arbitrary Indecision

Sometimes I insist on being a dick. It’s easy really. Take one spoon of gutless wondering, 2 ounces of yesterday, a pinch of tomorrow and three cups of fuck off; let simmer at a low heat for several years and voila!

Hmm… You may be wondering where the hell something like that is coming from but the truth of the matter is my novella part 2 is making very little headway and add to this the fact that some very difficult decisions needed to be made between yesterday and today and you will see that my low rumble cynicism has turned (even if only momentarily) into my very own Japanese Taiko dance fest. Speaking of drums, I had a wonderful friend who told me that it’s only a fool who believes the world owes him a living. He owned an ancient camel skin* tabla that he would rub for good luck every time things weren’t going quite right. He also believed in something called ‘the force’ and of the act of tapping into said force. He now lives very far away. I was hoping he’d give me his tabla before he went. Instead he gave me his table. It’s a beautiful table that he made himself in 1970 and given that there’s only a one letter difference between tabla and table, I think I did alright. I guess the tabla fit into his suitcase where as the table (which barely fit into my van), had to stay behind. He spent two years in New Guinea as a site manager for one of their largest plumbing projects in history (at the time anyway. I think 1984). He was married and had two kids but still spent the two years there. He made lots of friends and not all of them were other Aussie plumbers. He’s been gone three years now and the one thing that I miss most about our 10 hour drinking stints was the problem solving. Drunk problem solving is truly a magical affair. I miss hearing his stories and I should probably write him a letter this weekend. Wherever you are amigo, I hope you’re having a good one.**

*It may very well have been goat skin.

**Some facts may have been changed to protect the identity of individuals involved.

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