Girl is the New Boy

Lost Greyhound

About 12 months ago we advertised for a new female singer for our band Circle. It really was an amazing experience full of laugh, cry and die moments (think Idol outtakes but much, much worse). We met Iny (who eventually recorded Xmas Omas with us but we also met Sarah Bird. Sarah’s pretty special and her voice… is even more special. We spoke and both realised that she wasn’t quite right for the band. But I wanted to record her. She agreed.

Leading up to the auditions I wrote a song that I thought would be perfect for the girls to learn quickly and be able to sing on the day. Something short and sweet. That song was Lost Greyhound and the idea for Girl is the New Boy was born that afternoon. Nearly 12 months on, I can honestly say that these are some of the best recordings I’ve made.

Girl is the New Boy is kind of a concept as opposed to a band and although I plan to release an EP in May, I’m not sure if it will only be Sarah’s voice (Sarah and I recorded 5 songs together), or whether I’ll extend on the idea and invite other female artists to sing my tunes. Who knows, it might end up being a triple album!

Anyway, here’s the first single Lost Greyhound. I hope you all enjoy it.

BTW this is kind of a soft release and we are taking it in to radio in the next few days and we’ll also be launching a clip for the single next month.


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