Accounts Day

Okay so Wednesday is accounts day at DPM Creative Group and it’s probably not a great idea to go out drinking the night before. Accounts day for any design studio is an important day. Probably an important day for any business actually… But in my defense, the Hive Bar has Scharers Lager on Tap!* I was introduced to this wonderful larger** quite a few years ago at the Australian Heritage Hotel where I believe it is ‘home’ brewed. My friend Marcus used to work for Bridge Climb and we had Kangaroo Pizzi and Scharers more than once. DPM Creative Group was but a twinkle in my eye in 1996 (I was designing t-shirts back then). Marcus never did give me free tickets to climb the bridge and I’m now a vegetarian so I don’t eat Kangaroo anymore.

*We are not all alcoholics here at DPM although I do believe the design industry in general does account for about 80% of alcohol consumption in Australia.

** For those who are interested, a Larger is a type of beer that is brewed using bottom-fermenting yeast at lower temperatures and for longer durations. And yes, my bottom was very fermented after a night on the Scharers.


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