In 2007 I put together a crazy ass data base of everyone I knew, every DPM Creative Group client, every graphic designer and almost every musical person / music industry person in this great wide, hot land. It was fun, it took ages and I couldn’t wait to put this data to good use. Most of these peeps I know, some I’d heard of and well, I guess some I didn’t. It was a list of about 4000 people. Back then we had a pretty cool Monday Records website which you could put your name and email into and it would automatically add you to the database. That got about an extra person a month. Since that first fateful email (actually I can’t remember what that first one was about), about 5 people unsubscribe each time. I’m not too fussed because heck, most of them didn’t even ask to be on there* and quite a few of them are happy to read what we’ve been up to. So anyway when our good friend Richard lost his job last Friday I thought, “Hmm, should I send a shout out to all these folks and see if there’s anything out there? Hell man why not, It just feels like the right thing to do.” Did it of course and got the most shocking unsubscribe rate to date. Oops. But seriously, what’s wrong with these people? With was a selfless act of helping a friend in need. On last count my database is 2800. By 2025 I won’t have many people left on it…**

*yes I think that is illegal.

**given the ruthless manner in which I unsubscribe from all the ezine junk sent my way, all may very well be forgiven in the end.


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