Site Down

Um yeah so I’ve been giving out the glorious URL to everyone and I just found out it’s been down for three weeks. Some dick face at Melbourne IT thought it would be sweet to expedite our new email hosting and so some crazy DNS issue ends up meaning our site vanishes. Nice. This probably isn’t worth a blog entry and is more akin to a tweet or thereabouts.  I have however been dreaming about The Cloud concept and I’m very intrigued. I’ll spend the next six months learning about The Cloud, SEO and other wild and new age acronyms. Let’s hope there’s a song or two in it for me along the way. I’ve also been dreaming about a cover. An album of covers or rather covering an album. If you haven’t already heard The Flaming Lips are going to have a go at Dark Side of the Moon. Isn’t that what they’ve tried to do with every single other album of theirs anyway? Well with David Fridman on their side they can’t go wrong and yes, I’ll buy it. Speaking of buying music I’m now very close to buying my first digital album. Oh don’t worry I buy a shit load of CDs. Just haven’t made the plunge into crappy, tinny, thin, bass-less, MP3s. Not sure why.


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