Considering the Art of Information

I’m the first to say that I’m a slow learner. Laggard even. If you look at the graph (that famous marketing graph that a friend once showed me), I’m in the last piece of the pie. But information technology has been on my mind. The freewheeling almost organic and complex aspect of the web has an appeal I can’t deny. In one week I was able to push my company DPM Creative Group into the first page of Google’s organic search with the terms design in Enmore and print in Enmore. No small feat let me tell you, but I think it’s an effort well worth the energy. From there I plan to extend to neighboring suburbs and nail design in stanmore, design in petersham, design in newtown and so on. This will take time and the effort (for I cannot share my newly found seo secrets), took its toll and a painting emerged. I exhibit once every couple of years with David Rex-Livingston under the pseudonym Ben Little. This beast is pretty different so I’m not sure if anyone will ever get to see it.


One thought on “Considering the Art of Information

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