Drinking, Thinking and Drilling Holes

I work all the time. I know this because people tell me. Otherwise I wouldn’t know. I’d be busy working. Day and night, public holidays and weekends. If I didn’t have to eat and visit the toilet very so often I’m sure I’d have all sorts of problems from sitting in this 1960’s vintage school chair. I get pins and needles every now and again and that helps with the occasional micro holiday* I had a Herman Miller Aeron up here for a while but we got busy down stairs so I took it down. Haven’t had the time to go down and get it. But in the last few years I’ve really warmed up to the idea of drinking my way through holiday periods. Not a revelation I’m sure. It gives me a chance to wake up a little later and the one thing I do when I wake later is not slip into my daily routine. I look out into the yard and think about other stuff. So this holiday I thought about hanging some picture. We have lots and lots of art here at home and some really great pieces are on the walls upstairs and others are in the office. Some other pieces are still hiding on rolls and in storage. Tam paints heaps (Tammy Moir) and her stuff is collecting in storage and in corners. I set about hanging as many pictures as I could. We have a system. These 120 year old bricks aren’t what they used to be although I can assure this house isn’t going anywhere! I set up the marker and Tam holds the telescopic end of the Dyson underneath the diamond tip drill bit** I drill and she vacuums. Learned this the hard way after putting up a few shelves when we first moved in a couple of years ago and the cadmium red in the bricks stains the walls so badly I had to paint over it. Wipe it all you will and al it does is spread into a cadmium pink. I managed three pieces, two of which are hung in the French style directly above the hallways light switch. Nice. I figured I deserved a break so I’m back at work now.

*So many kinds of micro holidays one can have in the day. Just use your imagination.

**I’m pretty sue it’s not diamond tipped. Just thought it sounded cool.


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