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The Science of Albums

I may have mentioned that a new album is bubbling under the proverbial hood. It’s probably ridiculous and really premature to be talking about a new piece of art before the most recent* is even out there. However such is the path of the artist that the old is so old before it’s even finished that you can’t wait to get to the next piece because of what you’ve learnt during the making of the last piece. It’s true for everyone whether or not they put it that it. The next record is going to be darker. Without losing any of that pop sensibility we can barely avoid, it’s going to have less words and more space for the music. This revelation has come through the last few months worth of live reinterpretations that I’ve been doing. It’s so much harder not to play but now I’m hooked on it and want to extend that process on an entire record. There are already more than enough songs but the songs aren’t quite right and neither is the subject matter completely in focus. I want this album to be like a very shallow depth of field: you can still see and feel everything else however the focus is contained in that cell and furthermore contained in that frame. The cell being the focal point and the frame being the landscape in which it’s set. Xmas Omas hinted strongly at these possibilities and to a certain extent they were realised but in a overly conceptualized manner. I think I had to over compensate in order to make that breakthrough.

Furthermore, in the spirit of working in blocks and expanding the format I can easily see the everyday radi blog being taken over for a spell in the name of the new album’s blog. Every record ever made needs to be documented in more ways than just the finished product. This will do very nicely. More later.

*That would be our album Molasses Sandwiches. We tried to secure a local distributor but I think I’ve pretty much exhausted all the local relationships. We’re not a band that sells records yet so no one really gives a shit. I wouldn’t either.


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