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Compact Chick

I started DPM Creative Group in 1999 after my t-shirt label Busted Clothing Company* went… well it went bust. I like to say bust but the truth is my financial backer did exactly that (except in reverse). Okay enough with the puns. The idea was spawned from a relatively innocent meeting with a Busted client in Balmain who needed a logo and some new business cards. Having worked extensively with the design component of both the t-shirts and the label’s entire print and advertising collateral, I was pretty confidant I could help out. I pulled a figure from the air and away I went designing. Three days later the plug was pulled on the manufacturing of several thousand t-shirts. It was around that time that I’d also met Tam. I can’t remember what happened first but suffice to say I was in a bit of a state. Still, the entrepreneurial spirit was stronger than I had ever imagined and I launched my new company that week: Design and Production Management. Back then (and it really wasn’t all that long ago), business cards were everything and they were the bricks, the life line and the core of the business’ growth. I became the business card man. And while this wasn’t all that glamorous, I learnt a hell of a lot about design, marketing, business and people. We still do business cards at DPM although I’m not strictly involved in the day to day of the company as I spend most of my time with Monday Records related work. For years now I’ve been looking for the new ‘business card’. A core product which is cheap, accessible and easy to roll out. I woke up at 4am last week and the answer came to me. I’m not one to give too much away about a new idea so you’ll have to wait and see.

*This is Compact Chick. Not the best design in our first range, but it sold 2000 pieces! It looked best on a green brushed cotton t.


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