Yellow Sky

About four weeks ago I proposed a creative project between myself and two other Circle band members (Dan and Richard). The idea was to launch a digital three track micro EP around the concept of passing a track between us; several times if need be. The subtle and not so subtle limitations* would be the cornerstone to some very tasty results. That was the idea anyway. I’ve rarely worked with other people’s material and did not foresee being drawn in to the emotional landscape of the work in such a way. Being a producer or engineer of other people’s material is not so different from designing a postcard or catalogue for someone, something I did for many years at work… Yet somehow it feels different. I’m coming up with theories and notions and I’m not sure how real they are or how relevant they are. A song, is an idea. It’s looking for a home. A producer’s role to find it’s home. Bricks, pickets, garden, trees. In order to do that should one be void of all connections or completely immersed in the needs, wants and desires? I was accused recently of not giving the music the same treatment and opportunities I gave my business. I am often found accusing DPM staff of not being connected emotionally or intuitively enough to the work in the building. Enough said. Except that the track I’m working on is called Yellow Sky. It’s way off yet but she did finally reveal herself this evening. Those are the moments I wait for all my life.

*while Richard and I have DAWs, Dan has a glorious 4 track.


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