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I can’t help my self. A good idea needs to roll out across the board. So… We have an awesome sign out the front of our studio which is a hi-res print on 5mm Foamex. It faces south Liberty street. We got tagged in that stop about a year ago and after several attempts at getting the council in to sort it I gave up, had a crack at doing it myself* and then decided I always wanted a sign there anyway. It’s kind of an awkward size but I love it. We had four made up and rotate them every couple of week. I have a history with sign writing and a passion for Velcro for the signs are up with the help of some very clever Velcro strips. This morning I woke up with an idea for our next sign. An enlarged bread clip with some witty text. Clever I know. I went outside to size things up and it would appear that last night, some clown stole our sign! crazy stuff. Yes flattering that some goose wants to live with DPM Creative Group advertising in their bedroom. But it’s more than likely they ditched it after a laugh.  Still, I have the upper hand Enmore clowns. I have new and improved ideas and was going to bin that sign anyway. But if I find you, I’m going to cut you down.

*obviously that didn’t work.


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