Anna Ballantine

We’re lucky enough to have found a new helper friend by way of one Anna Ballantine. If there’s one thing I hate more than paying taxes it’s booking gigs. I had this chat with a friend once about people who have it made and get tax returns when they do their tax returns. Yes that does make sense; read it twice. Actually, they’re not called tax returns at all. They’re called Tax Assessments! The language changed because most people who’s bosses are collecting taxes on their behalf actually get a ‘return’ come tax time. The new GST system meant that bosses could now sub contract instead of employing and although this was in effect turning a million working into micro businesses, so few of them actually saw it that way. What does any of this have to do with Monday Records’ newest recruit? Nothing, well except that she doesn’t get paid very much. We do things old school around here. So welcome Anna with warm and open arms. Anna loves new music, design and all things creative so we’re sure we’re giong to get on just fine!


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