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Water Sale – 25K Damage at Monday Records

I’m going to hazard a medical analogy. If a flooded house is like a heart attack you survive then rising damp is like a growth you don’t notice until it smells… What the hell am I talking about? Well folks, Monday Records stores it’s CD stock under my house. Opanoni Stamps & Coins, EGBDF, Circle Just Keep Swimming and the Xmas Omas digi-packs and it would seem that over the past few months, they’ve slowly but surely been accumulating moisture, one micro-milliliter at a time and growing very, very slowly. The damage? About 1200 full length CD’s with a retail value of around $25,000. No, they weren’t insured. As if it wasn’t hard enough running an indie label! [long exhale]…

I’ve heard the term fire sale a million times. Signs in windows, ads in the paper, flyers. At least once a month somewhere or other someone is having a fire sale. I always thought it just meant ‘super-urgent-we’re-going-broke’ sale. But no, it actually means ‘we’ve-just-had-a-fire-and-everything-is-shit-or-smells-or-both-so-come-buy-it-cheap’ sale. Wow! I’m so glad I finally worked that one out. Funny how there are all these little bits of info that for one reason or another you never quite learn. Your paths, your millions of decisions in the hundreds of days you’ve been alive have collectively avoided teaching you that one little thing. The meaning of a word, the capital city of a really important country, a person famous for something very important and then less obvious things like a certain author or book, an artist or musician and things like the fire sale. You can’t know it all, but you certainly do come across people from time to time who seem to know a hell of a lot. I have personally never met someone who explained the term fire sale or more importantly rising damp.

Enter my free water sale. For the next few weeks we’ll be putting piles of water logged CD’s out the front of 29 Liberty St Enmore for people to come along and rescue. I think the CD’s inside are okay but I can’t be sure. I can’t really bring myself to open them up. Swing past anytime.

The picture I included is of a pile of about 150 copies of Xmas Omas. They’ve melted into each other and become one large gluey digi-pack brick. I’m trying to eat it to absorb it’s energy and become a superhero.


2 thoughts on “Water Sale – 25K Damage at Monday Records

  1. Marc Desveaux says:

    Very VERY sorry to hear your wet story Radi… Maybe it’s all part of a greater plan? Inspiration for the next #1 indy single for 2010… netting you millions (minus 25k of course). Keep truckin buddy… :S

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