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Micro Review 1

Sometimes when you’re walking through a video store some poor dickhead is picking up a file that you’ve seen and know is shit but you told them. For me, it’s usually a case of  “well maybe you’re one of those dickheads that likes these kinds of films”. Or, I’m just scared of strangers. Whatever the case maybe, movies are worth discussing so I’m going to try to give to a shot from time to time.


Directed by Ryan Johnson, Brothers Bloom combines feel good, borderline English chick flick aesthetic with brilliant cinematography and believe it or not, nonstop action. It’s the first film since Sexy Beast that I wanted to watch again the next day. Although I suspect I must be softening up in this department because I sat down and happily watched Sleepy Hollow again with Seven the next day only last week. But that’s Time Burton for you. If you like looking into a Director’s history then you’ll do what I did and get out Brick, Johnson’s first film. It’s a modern teen angst meets hardboiled crime. Very nice.


I just thought I should share my opinion on Keisha Castle-Hughes’s sophomore effort with one Niki Caro… Because you should avoid it at all costs. From whale rider to humping humpback whale, this movie brings together hard yakka, a gay angel, unconvincing accents (actually the actors stopped trying about 40 minutes into it), old school surgery from a time where your best bet for anesthetic with booze and a wallet to bit on and somewhere in amongst all that, wine. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t watch it. heck, even if you can pronounce it don’t watch it.


I mentioned Sexy Beast somewhere and I’ll mention it again because 44 inch chest was written by the same peeps. What’s amazing about this film is that the cover blurb couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not about gangsters nor a sordid underbelly. It is about love, hurt and passion and proves you can make a masterpiece with 5 people and two set locations. Ray Winstone is gold and John Hurt’s character’s name is Old Man Peanut. Need I say anymore?

Think you could better? Yeah well so do I so please go and start your own blog.


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