Branding of October Greens and October Blues

I mentioned in a work related post recently that October was all about Logo and Brand Development and that many people, dusting off the cobwebs of winter were warming up to the idea of starting and launching something new. (Actually it also seems to be about blog design but that’s for another day). I’ve been digging deeper into the psychology behind this. See it’s not just logos that people are doing more of: I’m drinking more, writing more, working more, spending more and so on… Every year or so we indulge in a box set of some sort. Last time it was Deadwood and that had the whiskey flowing let me tell you. This time around* it comes by way of the Sookie Stackhouse adaptations. So, I’m also watching more. This really isn’t going anyway and so ignore it if you will or treat it more as a statement of affairs. The all new australian recording studio is coming along nicely** and the end is in sight. Also dust mites have been giving me the shits. Okay that’s it for now apart from the new branding page I launched earlier this week.

*it’s been around four years since Deadwood.

**Darren blew his VW gearbox yesterday and isn’t in a very good mood bless him. And I say Australian studio because for years I said we don’t need another studio in Sydney!


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