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Words I’ve Invented

Seven pointed out the other day that there are a few words he uses that no one understands. This is my fault because I invented them. I also noticed that their seasonal and sometimes drop away so I might start documenting them.

Punce: Takes Ponce to a new extreme of punciness. Also someone you just want to smash.

Spoonchy (or Sponchy) : Both wet and dirty and undesirable. Someone with a lot of sleep in their eyes may look ‘spoonchy’.

Doomphus: A way to describe someone being very uncoordinated or stupid but usually both.

Doomphalada: A more endearing form of Doomphus.

Noonse Moonse: Confused but satisfied.

Doose: A kid of punch. Both soft and slow yet powerful.

Hoink your Boink:  A means of readying yourself for the day / the world etc. Each of us hoinks their boink a little differently but it’s always worth asking someone before a trip or something important if they’ve hoinked their boink.

More to follow soon…


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