wuldermar julsrud radi safi

Twelve months worth of…

I haven’t had much to say in my personal blog over the last few months. The occasional anecdote or whimsy but not much else. But with December and 2011 just around the corner and a whole heap of challenges about to present themselves, some reflection is in order. I attribute the ‘quite’ time mainly to the fact that things are in major flux. Like Superman after he’d been exposed to the bad ass kryptonite*. The dude just didn’t know where he was at and if I’m not mistaken the last thing he would have felt like doing is blogging**. Major staff changes at DPM, Circle gigging weekly (which finishes today BTW) and of course the recording studio. All in all it’s been an okay year I guess. It always comes down to what you make of the efforts you put in and so often people just leave it at that… Anyway…

I highly recommend the 2010 Art issue of The Believer which I recently devoured. There’s always an article or two which leaves me thinking it’s an elitist piece of shit but I love that feeling and it’s the rest of the stuff, which is genuinely wonderful journalism that I enjoy. If you can understand half the comics then hats off to you. It’s like that. The Waldemar Julsrud article is just fantastic. It left me feeling like journalism is the most incredibly self indulgent form of work in the world. But hey, that’s not really fair. Also for the first time in my Believer history I wanted more pictures.

One of the big ones this month will be the displacement of my personal working space and it’s relocation and reconfiguration. Head space is important. Well I’ve been told it is. I’ve never had any because I combine the needs of several endeavors all at once into the same four square meters. Let me explain: I have a table. It’s shitty but it’s big. I have a huge 27” iMac on it which runs my recording studio. On either side of that are my studio monitors. Over to the right is my 17” Sony Trinitron Monitor which runs my highly speced HP PC. MYOB can only run on a PC (or at least all our files from 1994 are PC files and switching over is boring and expensive), so it’s an accounting system. It also manages all the old DPM PC files from way back when as well as email tasks for work. Currently it runs wireless and is on  the 2nd floor. We have three floors and wireless doesn’t work on the third floor.

Two systems, one table, about 178 tasks between them. When the studio opens I will be moving the audio and recording stuffs down into that room and Tam will be taking this room. What happens to DPM PC? WHAT?? I don’t have a desk space in the office and with good reason. No spot to sit and design blogs! I can’t be in there more than 3 seconds without being jumped with a million questions. Each new person has to be trained in the art of ‘just because I’m walking past, it doesn’t mean you can ask me a question…’ So I avoid that area if I can. I can’t combine systems and  I don’t want the billion dollar studio to become my office. So I have a dilemma. There’s no short answer but believe me when I say I’m used to this. I’ve been desk-less and office-less a dozen times during transitional phases and I don’t always get it right the first time.*** But I’m sure things will find a way.

It’s important that year’s end well and I’m going to make an effort to end this one well. A small holiday, a launch for the studio, some solid plans for 2011 and… a new work space.

* Can anyone remember what element Richard Pryor used to substitute the unknown element in the real Kryptonite?

** Drinking, smoking weed maybe and being an all round bad sure, but not blogging.

*** Some funny stories about fucking that up if you’re interested.


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