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More Clicks – Less Sound

A story about Radi that goes back about two years. Worth mentioning now for various reasons.

Seems to me that everything is about clicks lately and you are most definitely speaking to the converted.  I admit to being hyperactive compared to most people at the slowest of times but in some areas I seem to display a sloth like aptitude. Not sure why. Fear? Doubt? Uncertainty? All leading to an egotistical denial that sliced bread even exists. Despite not being sure what to call my source of living for many years, if I look closely, it is of course graphic design. Our industry is a funny one. Not ha ha funny. There aren’t any set standards, rules or regulatory bodies; only hundreds and hundreds of kids with $25K degrees and a bunch a studios that try to employ them. Graphic design is very closely linked to web design and web design is even more closely linked to folk that are somewhat IT savvy. I was never a web designer and I was never IT savvy. Just a passionate artist who wanted to make a living designing business cards. So while I was toiling away on my 48th business card for the week, other agencies of a similar age were cottoning on to the click click click factor. And fuck me dead is it an important factor. I started shopping online years ago but never once thought about people who might be looking for us online. Why?* No matter. The penny, which was now at a horizons distance sped forward like speed racer** and dropped right in front of my face. not only did I have years of catching up to do, but month’s worth of training and research as I uncovered the mystical secrets and powers of SEO. Of course being the hyperactive so and so that I am, I immediately launched a company that would allow an outlet for these new found skills. This is a personal side project which will only be available to a limited number of clients a year and while Google themselves say do not trust an SEO who guarantees results, I have most certainly proven to myself that I can get results. But it is early days and for that very reason this blog entry is in my personal site as opposed to the company site.

Leonard Woolf*** once wrote of the sad decline of clicks and clops of horses hooves on the London cobble stone roads as more and more motorcars were introduced. The same can be said of the click clack of the analog typewriter. We have one in our office. Not quite as cool is this Hammond but the nostalgic and meditative rhythms it produces are the same. The definition of clicks has changed completely**** and while the world is making a billion more clicks everyday there’s a romantic in me that would gladly change that for Morse code, ribbon and hoofs.

* Sloth like aptitude.

**You may like to sing the speed racer theme song here

***Yes, Virginia’s husband

****When I told my mechanic that my van was clicking he thought I meant it was accessing the internet without my permission.


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