Newness vs. Oldness

Once upon a time this space was the cog, the central beam, the load bearing wall,  for creative endeavor and prolific output. Once a degree of mastery had been achieved I then set my sights on fattening up my proverbial goose and since that time my focus has been the commercial projects of my life. 12 months on from my first blog… Very fucking sad indeed. Such are my capitalistic ways. But enough about me, let’s talk about my autobot friend.* When we moved to Enmore in 2007 the backyard had been ‘done-up’ by the previous owners. No doubt an attempt to up-da-value of-da-place… Since then we’ve been slowly but surely shredding away all the upping they did. Not to say that this has had any significant effect on home or land value as new council rates proved recently. But if one were to try and sell this place, you’d need a pretty unique buyer. Enough said. Landscaping was one such project undertaken by the previous owners and a part of this fancy outdoor architecture was an irrigation system, timer, urn fountain system and outdoor lighting system. Hardly a permaculturalists dream. Sadly the lights they chose were of the biodegradable kind not the new and improved LED system like the one we installed in Enmore Audio** but a 12V system none the less. Two transformers managed these 12,11,10,9 or so incandescent fittings and another two for the magic bubbling urns. The urns were refashioned very early on. Chlorine was eliminated completely, rocks, leaves and debris were allowed full reign and two dozen carp of the golden variety were introduced. I have only lost three, the rest are strong, healthy and growing! Algae and other water like plants thrive and we have a resident frog.

The lights had to go. Well, they were taking care of themselves at a rate of two every three months but a permanent solution had to be found. The transformers however may find themselves of some use to me. At about $150 a pop, we needed two to run the lights here in EA. It’s probably worth mentioning that I’m writing this in the very heart of Enmore Audio Control Room (or The Kitchen as we like to call it around here). Sadly these AC transformers were not the right kind for my DC 12V needs. So, they now reside as massive paperweights in the shed.

Now whether or not you prefer old things over new, there’s no denying that old school worn out charm. Everything needs to be broken in and conveyor belt newness just isn’t real. There’s also no denying that some things age better than others and often a false economy is justified when considering a $200 boxed storage unit over a $2000 timber one. Such are the times we find ourselves in. One day I’d like to think that excellence and quality are the only motivating factor behind any project. In this world that’s a very expensive way to live. It also explains the state of my credit cards.

*Who is neither an autobot nor my friend. Actually there are two of them so its friends.

**Worth mentioning that someone called to book the space yesterday. Had a freak out and didn’t call them back.


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