Note to Self

The process of a new record is an incredible one. You have many moments of intense choice making opportunities. Am I going to push this baby as far as it can go? Do I care enough to ensure that every note, every syllable, every utterance from each and every machine old and new alike will not only be to my satisfaction but will be ‘new’?* Then come full circle on that Brian Wilson moment and ask does it matter man, this is just me, my expression, my art?** Of course it matters you silly cunt you reply. What’s the point of any creative endeavor if it doesn’t push, cross, crush and smash along the way? There is an unfathomable amount of mediocrity and if all you did was push the dial to 10.3 then you may as well have stayed at a safe 5. Obviously this is more of a personal diary entry than a blog entry but for anyone who’s reading this and who’s read some recent blogging of mine may know I am between desks and as such bits and pieces are missing. Pens, books, diaries and so on. I also can’t find my custom made pencil case. It’s yellow, streamlined and refashioned from those vintage $2 pencil cases that have 10 or so little plastic sleeves for you to cut out letters and badge as your own. I’ve been cutting these in half and then sewing them together since I was about 11. I’m sure it will show up.

There are way too many opinions and pieces of paper and flashing LED’s about stand out records of our age, art and so forth. I mentioned Brian Wilson and he’s by no means a favorite (okay maybe top 15), but I mention him because between Pet Sounds and Smile you get a sense of the intense and profound intent he injected into those creative moments. No small task but at the same time, so very simply put, how could you do it any other way? Sadly, I know how. Most of us are lazy. So lazy in fact that we find ways (some of them ironically are really hard ways), to avoid that moment where you need to decide whether or not we’re going to bust up the sidewalk. Am I taking some incredible stab at my fellow man? No way! I’m documenting some discoveries as I enter a new phase in order to ensure I know what I’m getting myself into and I’ve been honest about what I want to achieve with it. That’s why children are so perfect and why we’ve all heard it around the traps somewhere that true genius is a return to childhood. We’ll see.

I’ve given myself three months to write the best album I possibly can. The mix, the production, the mastering, these all exist in the present and to pretend otherwise is absurd. The studio, along with all the zeros and ones and hammer and strings are my instruments of choice. Again, all simple but important notes to self.


*If you don’t believe in time and most days I don’t, then there’s no such thing as old and new just the ever present present…

**If you read that last line in a cliche stoner / surfer voice it makes more sense. Avoid that Woody Harrelson film where he’s both. Fuck that was bad.


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