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Chicken or Egg

There are many words that we can use to describe our selves and the things that motivate our actions. From another persons perspective these can sometimes be seen as qualities or flaws. In a more humanitarian and compassionate approach to the human condition I stumbled across describing us as unique eccentricities. I like that. Eccentric no longer means that-old-cat-woman. It’s all of us honing in oh-so-carefully on our own developing world view. Of course the truth is that some of these qualities are self defeating and not exactly ideal. That’s not to say that they don’t serve a purpose for a time, but with some examination, we could probably do better. On a creative front my trust issues have rarely revealed their effects directly*. Okay so these aren’t major, toe curling, fetal position trust issues, but enough to have been self examined and worth adjusting.

The dusting of the proverbial cobwebs initiated two major events which in turn led to the start of a new musical project. They may not be entirely major in everyone’s eyes, but enough to elicit a creative response none the less. Chicken or Egg is an idea that’s been floating around my brain for a couple of years. Why I couldn’t start it was because there were certain areas left unexamined but now, it feels okay and even great to cover some favorite tracks.

Enmore Audio was the second event which has been in the works as a private / commercial recording studio for almost three years. The first stage is complete and I’m faced with the possibility of working with new talent on  fairly regular basis. Amazing. The studio means that Circle can comfortably and in a timely fashion, take on new projects and make new music; the covers being the first off the rank.

So really just a diary update on things and how I’m feeling. Not as cynical as you may enjoy but hey, this is for me after all.

*Though I’m sure they do. Fuck, it’s probably the reason I can’t write a hit song. Either that or I’m just not a hit song kind of guy.


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