Short Tales

I started writing a short story called Impossible Ali Mobile last Wednesday. Leaf has this thing where he’ll sleep for three hours when I look after him on a Wednesday while Tam does accounts. He normally sleeps around an hour an a half when Tam does the looking after the other four days in the working week. Go figure. Back to Mr. Mobile. The narrative is of the omniscient kind and the tone is very… distinct. It could go a number of ways and while I’m thoroughly enjoying just looking at it I might keep it hidden until I’m sure it’s solid gold. Currently mixing a distant cousin version of Richard’s I’m on Fire arrangement and thoroughly enjoying that also. The aim was to release it this Sunday but I’m not sure of the clip will be ready by then. Ho hum. Ah yes and a new crew member at DPM hailing from New York who bakes pies and is a pretty cool designer. Who know New Yorkers could design? A sad and lonely entry at 2:30pm because I’m just emerging from the trauma of Leaf falling down the stairs at 8:30am on his push car. His nose looks crooked so I’m pretty sure he broke it. Bad parents. Cooking a pickled galangal and mushroom stir fry tonight. All are welcome.


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