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Income Streams

If I’m not reading (and I’m not reading) and my days are long (they are at the moment), then I’m probably thinking about money. Makes for a less interesting article but its therapeutic and cheaper than a deep tissue massage.

With the recent Tsunami in Japan, and the subsequent plummet of my stock portfolio it got my thinking about waves, streams and micro versions of each. I love how that sounds. Income streams. Does it though? Stream I mean. Regardless, I’ve always enjoyed that term and have gone about systematically creating several of these so called streams*. You can also have fun with it if you like as either a noun or adjective (not that anyone cares too much for grammar puns these days**) but obviously it’s the former that most of us are familiar with. Sadly for many it’s a bit like Juno MacGuff and her absolutely fabulous “Sexually active, what does that even mean?” quote. Yes Ellen Page is a star and if you’re sexually attracted to her you probably have pedophilic tenancies but don’t worry, they’re only tenancies. Of course it’s no laughing matter and having two children of my own I’m not a fan of predators of this nature.

The world is changing. For most of us it’s the beginning of the end of consumerism regardless of what you might think and also the beginning of the end of fat cat income streams. Well maybe the beginning of the end is a very long time, like a hundred years but still, we can all see what mass consumerism does. I’m not political so I’m not going there and although I’m considering using a wad of cash as the blog image, I don’t think I will. I tried to create a multitude of income steams starting with my design agency and fanning in an elliptical fashion through various industries and branches of industries. It does work. You just need to work really hard. Have you seen Agora? It will feature in one of my micro reviews shortly and the ellipse features quite heavily in this film. The plot centers around it you could say***.

Regardless of how long we’ll be consuming like a plague of pedophilic locusts, micro is the new fat cat. There are more small business owners than ever before and a greater freedom for people to work where they want because of a passion for that particular industry. It’s through a tough few years that I have learned the importance of planning and managing micro incomes. Dividends are one such example, so are royalties. They can no longer be seen as bonuses but part of the bigger holistic picture. There are a million examples of micro income streams and self empowerment revealing itself with and without technology and I love it.

*tried to…

**by all means correct me if it’s a verb as opposed to an adjective. I won’t mind.

***pun intended


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