New Circle Album Begun

The last time I sat down to write an album was in 2007 when I began Just Keep Swimming. That record got us signed to Creative Vibes but that’s another story. It was released in 2008 and I distinctly remember the energy that went into it. It was believe it or not a response to environmental calamities. I thought New Holidays was going to blow up. But it didn’t. The next two releases weren’t really albums. Molasses Sandwiches which hasn’t actually been released yet was part of a our song a week project in 2009 and Xmas Omas was recorded after that as a Christmas EP. So thinking about all that has really excited me about the prospect of a real record. The band is solid and things feel good. The songs are there, somewhere just waiting to be plucked from the ether. Production will as always play an important part but the intent and ideas behind the record are what count most. This is the energy that people will respond to. I’ve had a crazy couple of years and if I survive them I will be stronger than ever before. If I don’t I would have gone down fighting. I remember putting the Monday Records address on the Just Keep Swimming CD even before the settlement went through and what a head fuck that whole drama was. It isn’t over either. So this record is going to be darker than what you’re used to. John Shand reviewed the last effort and said I must have been a sunflower in my last life. I’m writing this as I FTP the masters to AOK’s EP. I did that over the weekend. Next I’ll start up where I left off with a song I’m working on. It includes the lines: there’s talk of bigger pictures and saying no to burqas but all the enmore girls look lovely today.


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