Reading Less

I’m reading less and this seems to have had a direct correlation with how much I feel like writing. The Saturday paper has become a joke and Leaf has discovered Shrek which means that even in my most intimate moments I either have Smash Mouth flying around in my head or a big green ogre face (I had to Google how to spell ogre). My believer subscription ran out about three months ago and I’m not inclined to renew until finances are handsome pants again. This may (or may not) take some time. The upside of lower finances is finding ways to feel better about yourself without spending. We have lots and lots of pictures that aren’t up on walls so I’ve been a lot of that. I have a drill, those little green studs and screws. The rest is easy. Tam’s ab out finished a bunch of painting she started around this time last year and it would be nice to see a couple of those up on the walls. Life is a little noisier than what I’m used to. I’m working on the album every day and I can’t seem to stop my iPhone from notifying me on Facebook updates. Yes inane. So the volume is off which means I miss messages and calls which isn’t so bad considering I’m meant to be working on my album. It still vibrates though and freaks me out every time. Sigh.


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