Blog Gods hate Old News

radi safi

During 2010 I posted almost 200 articles between my several blog sites.* All relevant and all very important.** This established a solid foundation for the year to come and a standard worth aiming for and even improving on. Surely if you sit down and write for four or five hours once a week, you get better? Do bloggers get writers block? Sure they do, but that’s not my problem this morning. Sadly, projects that require far more of my immediate and undivided attention on a very focused level have taken over where the blog god in me left off at the end of last year. Also, my blogging stats are down. In turn, the site stats are down because who wants old news right?A meandering article about what I did today was never what The Backpage was going to be about so an aimless discipline of writing is not the solution. What is folks? Well, I need to finish the album I’m working on and I need a holiday. refreshed and renewed and I’m going to try to remember what it was that I loved most about The Backpage and humbly return to a my weekly vigil of letters and numbers. Ah yes, and a new blog design up and running smoothly would be nice.

*At last count there were five key blog sites between work and the back page. At any given time I could easily split one into two or spawn a whole new idea.

**Well… kind of important.


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