The Man with the Gammy Leg

There was a Circle rehearsal at Monday Records HQ last night from 6 which turned into dinner which turned into drinks on the balcony facing Liberty Street, which turned into Richard falling asleep on the coach and then more drinks on the balcony. There was a fence across the road between us and a share house / drug house / fuck house ever since we moved in. It was falling apart, it was graffed at least once a week; the most recent piece was a gorgeous pink EELS*. About a week ago two drunk fucks tore down half the fence for fun one paling at a time.** I was too tired, scared, bored, to do anything about it and so just stayed in bed waiting for them to finish. The good news is a new and improved brick fence is going up in its stead. So interesting is this here brick fence that I’m making a two and a half minute documentary about it. The site is rather exposed so about 8 palettes of 1000 bricks just sit there day after day as the brick layers do their thing. Enter the man with the gammy leg: At about 12:30am some douche bag pulls up in a brand new white Holden, parks, looks around, walks over (if you call it walking), to the brick fence and takes a brick. It was funny but also a little disturbing. Couldn’t say for sure what he would need one brick for. So… if anyone has seen a man with a gammy leg, a white Holden and smooth metric brick, run.***

*I know who you are EELS and I’m coming to get you!

** The Paling is also an eel. As far as I know, there’s no connection to the EELS I’m going to get.

*** Actually, just walk at a normal pace and you should get away fine.

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