New Circle Album Begun

The last time I sat down to write an album was in 2007 when I began Just Keep Swimming. That record got us signed to Creative Vibes but that’s another story. It was released in 2008 and I distinctly remember the energy that went into it. It was believe it or not a response to environmental calamities. I thought New Holidays was going to blow up. But it didn’t. The next two releases weren’t really albums. Molasses Sandwiches which hasn’t actually been released yet was part of a our song a week project in 2009 and Xmas Omas was recorded after that as a Christmas EP. So thinking about all that has really excited me about the prospect of a real record. The band is solid and things feel good. The songs are there, somewhere just waiting to be plucked from the ether. Production will as always play an important part but the intent and ideas behind the record are what count most. This is the energy that people will respond to. I’ve had a crazy couple of years and if I survive them I will be stronger than ever before. If I don’t I would have gone down fighting. I remember putting the Monday Records address on the Just Keep Swimming CD even before the settlement went through and what a head fuck that whole drama was. It isn’t over either. So this record is going to be darker than what you’re used to. John Shand reviewed the last effort and said I must have been a sunflower in my last life. I’m writing this as I FTP the masters to AOK’s EP. I did that over the weekend. Next I’ll start up where I left off with a song I’m working on. It includes the lines: there’s talk of bigger pictures and saying no to burqas but all the enmore girls look lovely today.


Considering the Art of Information

I’m the first to say that I’m a slow learner. Laggard even. If you look at the graph (that famous marketing graph that a friend once showed me), I’m in the last piece of the pie. But information technology has been on my mind. The freewheeling almost organic and complex aspect of the web has an appeal I can’t deny. In one week I was able to push my company DPM Creative Group into the first page of Google’s organic search with the terms design in Enmore and print in Enmore. No small feat let me tell you, but I think it’s an effort well worth the energy. From there I plan to extend to neighboring suburbs and nail design in stanmore, design in petersham, design in newtown and so on. This will take time and the effort (for I cannot share my newly found seo secrets), took its toll and a painting emerged. I exhibit once every couple of years with David Rex-Livingston under the pseudonym Ben Little. This beast is pretty different so I’m not sure if anyone will ever get to see it.

Music, video

Bricks – Part One

The crazy cats at Monday Records decided to make a home video about John Bond and the gigantic brick fence that was going up across the road. Set to the music of Circle’s track Henry James it’s probably as boring as a 3 minute doco could possibly get. You should watch it a few times though, it starts to grow on you. This track is also worth a listen in its own right. The best place is probably on Soundcloud where you can also download it free.


The Man with the Gammy Leg

There was a Circle rehearsal at Monday Records HQ last night from 6 which turned into dinner which turned into drinks on the balcony facing Liberty Street, which turned into Richard falling asleep on the coach and then more drinks on the balcony. There was a fence across the road between us and a share house / drug house / fuck house ever since we moved in. It was falling apart, it was graffed at least once a week; the most recent piece was a gorgeous pink EELS*. About a week ago two drunk fucks tore down half the fence for fun one paling at a time.** I was too tired, scared, bored, to do anything about it and so just stayed in bed waiting for them to finish. The good news is a new and improved brick fence is going up in its stead. So interesting is this here brick fence that I’m making a two and a half minute documentary about it. The site is rather exposed so about 8 palettes of 1000 bricks just sit there day after day as the brick layers do their thing. Enter the man with the gammy leg: At about 12:30am some douche bag pulls up in a brand new white Holden, parks, looks around, walks over (if you call it walking), to the brick fence and takes a brick. It was funny but also a little disturbing. Couldn’t say for sure what he would need one brick for. So… if anyone has seen a man with a gammy leg, a white Holden and smooth metric brick, run.***

*I know who you are EELS and I’m coming to get you!

** The Paling is also an eel. As far as I know, there’s no connection to the EELS I’m going to get.

*** Actually, just walk at a normal pace and you should get away fine.

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Meanderings, Music

Brooklyn vs. Enmore

I champion the notion that Enmore has more talent than Brooklyn. We have better bands and better pubs; we have bigger dicks and tighter pussies but we also have more sex so go figure. We have more artists per square mile and more output of art per artist. We also have more lesbians and much better coffee. The grass is greener and the trees are waaaaay taller. Bird songs in general are far sweeter, flowers bloom longer and are more dazzling while street art is of a much higher quality. Beats are phatter, chords are richer and mothers are MILFier. Stars twinkle brighter and both dusk and dawn shimmer indefinitely… That’s just off the top of my head in a few seconds of random contemplation. I may yet make an official statement on the matter.

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Enmore, Home etc.

A friend from out of town recently asked me if residents of Enmore received a discount at the Enmore Theatre. He was joking of course but it raises an excellent point about local businesses supporting their local client base. The Duke, which is a pub near the Enmore Theatre bases it’s opening times around gigs at the venue. Parched punters pour into The Duke or The Ducky as we call it and guzzle down on Coopers fine ales and other such beverages. Fun for all. I’m a fan of the Enmore but only get there about once a year. Maybe if they offered me a discount plus drink vouchers for ye old Ducky I’d get there more often. And then I can just walk home. (Please note there was no point to this article whatsoever. But you should visit both the Enmore and the Duke in one night).

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