Novellas and Poems

Impossible Ali Mobile – Working Title

Three Wednesday’s ago I started writing a short story. The narrative is close to my heart and the protagonist does not show up right away but he is just around the corner. I called it Impossible Ali Mobile. It’s pretty full on and I’ve finished at least part 1. I could probably go on forever but I’m keen on the short story format. Not sure what to do next but here is the first paragraph:

Maybe what I know is kind of interesting you know? Fuck. Maybe it’s the kind of thing that some cunt would read and go fuck yeah that’s alright man. Like there’s something in it. Not like a bible or nothing but something in it. Fuck man I don’t know. I don’t wanna help cunts or nothing not that this shit is gonna help any cunt but I gotta write this man cause I can’t stop thinking about it and cause I’m feelin hectic heaps lately like when Jimmy’s brother took that trip and was hectic for fuckin weeks. What was his name? Anyway, Jimmy’s brother was at this bitch’s party last year he looked just like Jimmy but older and he took this pill and he was already on the piss and he fucked this chick and he pissed in a. Fuhahauck! What a clown but he was hectic for weeks after that. Not cause he pissed in a but there was rubbish in that pill like junk or something and he was just hectic for ages. I hate pills man. They’ve all got ajax in em. I fucked this lowie once and I was pissed and I tried to piss in a but I can’t piss with a hard on. I reckon you just aren’t supposed to anyway. What a goose. Those Fairfield clowns were always doing stupid shit you know. They had a sister but she wasn’t hot or nothing but she was nice enough. Older chicks used to like Jimmy for some reason but he was a dumb cunt. Fuckin loved him of course.