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korean film review

Every few months I micro review three films. In the interest of the reviews making a little more sense I’m going to try and make them themed if I can. I don’t watch hundreds of films so a lot of the good stuff I come across is either word of mouth or good luck. Today I’d like to introduce you to three Korean films which are absolute must see. Each for different reasons and all thoroughly enjoyable. Old Boy was released in 2003 and I think became available in Australia in 2005. It’s directed by Chan-woo Park who’s been writing, producing and directing since the mid 90’s. His features are what I’d call cheesy thrillers but Old Boy is an absolute gem! I can’t say anything about this expect watch the movie.

Our beloved Bedeviled (not be confused with the 1955 crime feature of the same name), is a disturbing film. I don’t mind the occasional disturbing film but certainly can’t take too many in a row. Isao Takahata’s Grave of the Fire Flies comes to mind for example.¬† The performances in Bedeviled are flawless and it keeps returning to me for so many reasons. I’m also really impressed with the fact that this is Chul-soo Jang’s first feature.

The Host is as good as a Monster film gets and it does not disappoint. It’s scary, believable and ridiculously funny at times. Give me the names and numbers of the team behind the CGI in this little baby! There’s a lot of filming in and around the sewers near the Han River which are all absolutely stunning shots. You don’t have to like Monster films to enjoy¬†Bong Joon-ho’s The Host. Now… who’s up for some Korean BBQ? In my case it’s vegetarian barbeque but that works just fine.