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I introduced myself to the term mistakist recently. Anyone who’s seen Gummo will be familiar with the work of Harmony Korine (check out Trash Humpers if you can). He’s the boy that seems to have coined the term although it’s also used in conjuction with Japanese artists / director Nagi Noda and several others. EGBDF was an act of true mistakism and coined for me the term accidently on purpose. I think they’re two sides of the same coin because when you sit down and play along to track that you’re playing backward in order to fill a particular range of ambience and atmospherics only to flip the entire track again so that your take’s final imposition is reversed, there is absolutely no way of knowing or planning for the results. Some of the most magical musical moments happen exactly like that. So far I haven’t been able to extend upon that into the realm of collaboration but really look forward to it and while my thoughts bend toward a more celebratory record, I can’t stop thinking about the magic of mistakes. Time to fire up those tubes and get back into the studio.